Contour is specialized in the production of sheet metal welding assemblies. All machining steps, including production of single parts, are in sync in order to produce precision assemblies.

We produce both small series specialized sheet metal products, and high volume parts for which we often employ our welding robot.

  • Visual welding inspectors (VT-w-1 en VT-w-2)

  • International Welding Engineer (IWE)

  • Certified welding

  • Stainless and carbon steel in separate areas

  • CNC welding robot with three stations

  • TIG, MIG/MAG and CMT

  • Thin sheet metal

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welding robot




We distinguish ourselves by the high grade of surface finish quality we can accomplish. Our team is capable of finishing the welding seams with the desired radius. The direction of the finishing grain can be applied as our customer wishes.

Our surface finished stainless parts are used in many different systems. Some examples are airport luggage check-in counters, subway access gates, and the housing of medical equipment.


Contour has the knowledge and experience required to give your products the desired stainless look. Contact us in order to learn more.

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As a sheet metal specialist, we support our customers by designing the optimal division of an assembly into single parts. An efficiently reproducible assembly is the result.

Contour Covering Technology BV


Our employees are trained and certified by various internationally accredited welding training programmes. Our team consists of visual welding inspectors (VT-w-1 and VT-w-2) who are certified to judge welding seams according to NEN-EN-ISO 5817 and EN-ISO 10042 standards. We also have an international welding engineer (IWE) in our team.

We combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge in order to help our customers as best as we can.


With certified welding, a delegate of an independent welding institute will certify that we can produce a specific part in conformance with the determined welding design parameters. A first product is welded under the supervision of the delegate. The welding seam subsequently is visually inspected and tested in accordance with the norm. If the result is successful, a welding method qualification is released.

Certified welding is applied when our customers specifically request it. It is typically used for highly critical welding seams, or when a finished products needs to meet specific regulation standards.




tube frame


When tolerance accumulation and flatness are important criteria, Contour is your specialized partner. We produce welding assemblies up to tolerances of tenths of a millimetre.

Assemblies can consist of a combination of bent sheet metal, turned and milled products, laser cut tubing, and various purchase parts. Our experienced employees have the knowledge to (re)model a design for reliable and accurate production of finished parts.

Our experience in assembly is valued by customers in various market sectors. Often we are involved in early stages of product design and review for production phases.

  • Semiconductor

  • Medical- and laboratory industries

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Contour is often involved in the early design phase


We’re a member of the Fieldlab Smart Welding Factory initiative. The goal of the Smart Welding Factory is keeping the level of technical knowledge in the Netherlands high, and to increase the competitive advantage over foreign economies.

The focus is on the cost efficient production of single parts. This is achieved by automating the production steps where technological progress in welding techniques can enable a combination of automation and flexibility.

Smart Welding Factory


welding robot


welding jig


Contour has developed its own standard by which we define the quality grade of a welding seam. By means of a description and production samples, our technicians can discuss with our customers which standard best fits the intended end use of a product. This manages expectations for each involved party, and makes it clear which quality level is required. This way we can achieve a cost efficient production system while keeping quality up to requirements.


Do you want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team in order to set up a meeting.

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For series production we use our welding robot in combination with smart welding jigs. When the numbers increase, we invest in lead- and cycle time reduction. We determine the optimal distribution between tack- end welding time. This way we reduce the cost per part as far as possible.


Our technicians are in direct contact with our customers technicians. This way we ensure short lines of communication. Together we’re constantly looking for improvement in our designs and production methods.