Contour can engineer cost effective solutions for housings, components and frames. We collaborate with our customers to engineer a reproducible design. Functional specifications, a sketch or existing CAD data can be the starting point for the engineering process.

When we engineer sheet metal products, then our customers can focus on their core business. We add value by using our specific sheet metal experience and knowledge in product design.


Contour has specific knowledge of sheet metal assemblies. We can advise our customers about cost efficient use of hinges, plastic covers and press nuts in sheet metal assemblies. We know how sheet metal behaves when its punched, cut, deformed and bent. We know the minimal radius for bent products, without risking shears or cracks in the final product. We also have experience with precision bending of large radii, keeping tolerances strict and welding and post processing cycle time to a minimum. We know how sheet metal shrinks after welding, and how to compensate for it in the design of assembly components.

By involving us early on in the design process, less design iterations will be required in achieving a cost efficient and reproducible final product design.


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An proper translation of a design to a reproducible production plan, is of importance to all stakeholders